Automatic mask packaging machine

Automatic mask packaging machine

Application scope:

It is suitable for packaging a variety of regular shaped products: moon cakes, bread, cakes, shaqima, hardware, masks, daily products, medicines, medical equipment, etc.

Main performance characteristics:

1. Three-servo control, the bag length is set and cut immediately, no need to adjust and go, one step is in place, saving time and film.

2. Color touch screen control, convenient and quick parameter setting, can store 100 kinds of packaging parameters,

3. The fault self-diagnosis function, the fault display is clear at a glance.

4. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, mathematically input the sealing and cutting position, making the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

5. Independent PID control of temperature, better suitable for various packaging materials.

6. Positioned stop function, no sticking to the knife, no waste of film.

7. The transmission system is simple, the work is more reliable, and the maintenance is more convenient.

8. Anti-cutting function, the product is automatically sent out when the knife edge senses. Will not cut the product, protect the product and the tool holder.

9. Automatically sense the product to pack, there will be product paper feeding and cutting action, no product paper feeding and the cutting knife will not move, and no packaging film is wasted.

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